2017/2018 CUSPE Elections

Interested in the impact of your research and Science-Policy more broadly?

Apply to be a part of CUSPE!

CUSPE strives to strengthen the ties between academia and policy for early career researchers. To do this, CUSPE is made up of different teams that put on different events and projects to advocate evidence based policy, train our members and network with our early-career counterparts in the civil service.

We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals to run CUSPE next year, working together towards this goal. Descriptions of the different roles are given below, for more information please feel free to contact the current team leaders. If you are interested in applying to be a team member, please send a one pager explaining which role you would like to apply for and why to president@cuspe.org.

Lectures Team:

The Lectures Team is responsible for the organisation of CUSPE’s public lectures programme, with the Team Leader responsible for allocating tasks within the team and supporting team members with event ideas, venues and speakers.

Responsibilities include overseeing the development and organisation of CUSPEs public lectures in Cambridge. Lectures cover a wide variety of topics within a science-policy theme leaving a significant amount of flexibility when deciding on topics. Topics are chosen based on suggestions from CUSPE members, personal interests or suggestions by the larger CUSPE network. The Head of Lectures will work with the team to set out the year’s lecture topics and assign members of the events team tasks for each event. The Team will oversee lecture preparation including booking venues and acquiring speakers and ensure everything happens on time as well as working closely with the Marketing and Communications Team

Workshops Team:

The Workshops Team is responsible for the organisation of CUSPE’s workshops programme, with the Team Leader responsible for allocating tasks within the team and supporting team members with event ideas, venues and speakers.

Responsibilities include arranging workshops which bring early career researchers and policy makers together to discuss ‘live’ policy topics. The Team will be responsible for building and maintaining strong connections within departments, researching possible ‘live’ science-policy topics and overseeing the organisation of the workshops in Cambridge.

Publications & Media Team:

The Publications Team is responsible for setting CUSPE’s Publication Strategy for the forthcoming year.  The Team works to help train researchers in understanding more ways to engage their research in a policy context, to try new publication avenues and the establishment of strategic publication partnerships. The Head of Publications will make editorial decisions on the content and format of CUSPE communications and will also lead a team in the production, publication and marketing of CUSPE media communications each term.

Finance & Fundraising Team:

F&F is responsible for overseeing the finances of the society and ensuring that the society has the resources to carry out its activities and to grow as it sees fit. A key part of this job is forming the financial and fundraising strategy for the year, including overseeing the creation of sponsorship packages. The Team responsibilities also includes liaising with sponsors and finding new sponsors and hence requires strong communication skills (both oral and written).


Marketing & Communications Team:

Marketing and communications is responsible for overseeing the public output of the society through a variety of sources. Along with a team of several others, the marketing and communication head will ensure the website is kept up to date with the latest information, upcoming events are promoted and subsequent event reports are written and shared and that the regular newsletter is distributed. These and a variety of other tasks are necessary to ensure the activities of CUSPE are made known to all the various groups and organisations we engage with.

The team is also responsible for connecting CUSPE with external organisations (generally non-sponsor relationships); exploring potential collaborations; putting together proposals for collaborations to CUSPE and organising Policy Fellow Visits with CSaP


The Treasurer is responsible for managing the finances for CUSPE. This includes creating and managing a budget, processing and recording financial transactions, and managing the CUSPE bank account. The Treasurer is also expected to help serve on the Finance and Fundraising Committee. This position requires organisational and communication skills.


The Secretary is responsible for managing records and management of records and events within the committee from meetings to CUSPE-wide policy discussions.  The secretary also works with the marketing and communications team to connect CUSPE with external organizations including working to organize visits with Policy Fellows from CSaP.


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