CUSPE Forum 2019

  • Wednesday 24th April 2019
  • St John’s College, Old Divinity School
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  • The Cambridge Science and Policy Forum is an annual event organized by the Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange Society (CUSPE). This is a half day event, consisting of keynotes, panel discussions, poster sessions on a variety of science policy related topics, and will include an informal network session at the end.

    If you are interested in how scientific research impacts policy, or how as a scientist you can become involved in policy then this is the event for you. Whether you are a hardcore scientist wanting to learn more about the world of policy making, or someone who is considering a career move outside of the lab, then come along and find out more!

    The event is intended to encourage debate and interaction between both policy makers and academics, and to help facilitate cooperation between the two sides to create evidenced based policies. As well as hearing from speakers from academia, policy and beyond we will also be debating the topic of equality and diversity in science and science policy.

    The forum includes inspiring talks from a range of speakers, exciting debates and smaller workshop sessions aimed at teaching you skills to apply to your work in science and beyond, as well as career guidance on moving away from academia. There is also an opportunity for you to get involved in your own science policy challenge, as we will be hearing about the county council challenges project and more about the University society, CUSPE.

    Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions: forum[at]

    The Cambridge Science and Policy Forum aims to stress the importance of the interaction between science and policy, offering a view on where this interaction is still lacking but also giving positive examples where evidence has been crucial in decision making. Our main goal is to reach early-career researchers, increasing understanding and encouraging them to pursue a role in science policy.

    Where? Old Divinity School, St John’s College

    When? Monday 23rd April, 2 – 6 pm


    Call for Abstracts
    Policy-related societies, event organisers and individuals are invited to participate actively in our event by presenting a poster. Whether the mission of your poster would be to introduce your society, report on the outcomes of an activity you organised, or advertise future events, we are interested to hear about your poster ideas. Abstracts (max. 250 words) can be submitted to until 13th of April 12 PM.