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October 23: Cambridge Policy Kick-off

October 23, 18:00-20:00 Junior Parlour, Trinity College Sign up here. Trinity’s Post-Doctoral Society and Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange introduce Cambridge-based science-policy organisations. Location Directions: Trinity’s Post-Doctoral Society aims that Postdoctoral researchers can meet others from different disciplines, share ideas, and enhance their Cambridge experience. Based on this premise we joint efforts. Cambridge

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Global Health in an Unequal World

Researchers, policy-makers, and medical practitioners have to negotiate an increasingly complex international political environment. From the problems with data-sharing during recent Ebola and Zika outbreaks to the difficulties of capacity-building in developing countries, achieving universal health coverage and health security will mean reckoning with some of the inequalities which exist within and between countries. Join

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The Future of Drones: A Policy Roadmap

This CUSPE symposium, organised in partnership with Flock ( brings together world-leading experts in the drone industry to discuss the risks, challenges and opportunities that this exciting new technology poses. Learn how governments and firms alike are striving to create a safe, smart and vibrant drone ecosystem.   The event will take place on March 1st,

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Space satellite orbiting the earth. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Policy considerations for the continual advancement of space activity in the XXI century

Date: 20th April 2016 Start Time: 17:00 hrs Venue: Winstanley Lecture Hall, Trinity College, Cambridge We are in a golden age of space related activities. Not only do we heavily rely on space borne technologies but we are living in one of the most exciting times for space engineering and exploration. With the Rosetta mission and the

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How to write about science policy… and do it well!

Date: 23rd of March 2016 Time: 17:00-19:00 Venue: Raleigh Seminar Room, The Maxwell Centre, Cambridge Many of us find writing challenging, not least when we are required to write about a complicated topic such as science or science policy. Nevertheless, being able to communicate complex ideas in writing is a useful skill in both academic and policy careers.

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Science meats policy – Designing a unified policy: the case of meat consumption

Date: 14th of March 2016 Time: 17:30-20:30 Venue: Lucia Windsor Room, Newnham College The key question motivating this workshop is ‘how are policies designed, and what makes it so challenging to design good policies?’ CUSPE wants to help early career researchers understand what the real interaction between science and policy is. We want to inspire

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Mind the gap: Science broadcasting and public engagement

Date: 2nd March, 2016 Start Time: 18:00 hrs Venue: Lecture Theatre 2, Judge Business School, Cambridge Science is part of our daily life. When turning on the TV in the evening or taking medicine against a cold, we rely on scientific discoveries and research for centuries. Despite its prevalence in daily life, scientific research sometimes seems quite

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How to communicate your research to policymakers

Date: 16th November, 2015 Start Time: 16:00 hrs Venue: Newnham College MCR, Cambridge Research communication is not just an addition to research but a fundamental part of the process. As Government Chief Scientific Advisor, Sir Mark Walport, commented, “Science is not finished until it is communicated.” Furthermore, with the current drive towards evidence-based policies, it

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London, Westminster at sunset

An introduction to science in policymaking: who, what, why and how?

Date: Thursday 12th November 2015 Time: 17:30-19:30 Location: Lucia Windsor room, Newnham College Around the world, there is a drive towards the use of evidence in the design, implementation and review of policies. With Government funding of research in the UK under threat, and with only the minority of MPs having any form of science,

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The Future of Medicine

Date: 22nd October, 2015 Start Time: 17:00 hrs Venue: Selwyn College, Cambridge   Medical research, drug development and healthcare are always at the forefront of public interest, but how will these practices change in the future? Should we expect cases like to appear again? In this first Cambridge University Science & Policy Exchange public

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