How to stop bad data driving out the good in an age of misuse, misleadingness and misinformation

Time: 4 March 2019 17:30-18:45 (followed by networking drinks)
Location: St John’s College, Cambridge

Fake news, post truth, mistrust of experts… a familiar roll call of anxieties – or perhaps clichés – about our data rich world. They point to an underlying fear that in this data abundant age the bad data drives out the good and we are left with a broken public discourse.

The UK Statistics Authority is the champion of statistics and data serving the public good – to allow the good data to shine out and be used, appropriately and with confidence, to inform the public.

Ed Humpherson will talk about the UKSA’s role in this data rich environment and highlight the central role of trustworthiness – and argue that CSaP can play a key part in the fight back against misleadingness, misuse and misinformation.

The lecture takes place on 4 March in St John’s College Divinity School. More information can be found on the CSaP website.