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Getting involved in CUSPE as a PhD or a postdoc can be a fantastic way to boost your career in academia, add impact to your work or open up alternative paths into policy making. Our events are focused around encouraging networking at all levels, by linking students with senior members of academia, government and industry, both through the events themselves and through the formal dinners which follow our lectures.

Executive Committee

If you are passionate about the exchange of science and policy and are currently a PhD student or postdoc at a university in the UK, please consider joining our committee. There are plenty of opportunities in our events, fundraising and marketing teams. Get in touch – we would be delighted to speak about our current structure, open positions and future opportunities.

Organising an Event

CUSPE organises a wide range of events throughout the year which brings together prominent speakers from around the world to discuss topical policy issues in the areas of science, engineering and technology, to forge new ties between ideas and people inside and outside academia. If there is a particular event you would like to stage in partnership with CUSPE, contact us outlining the details of your proposal. Our events team will liaise with you, provide the logistics and communicate the event to our ever-growing list of affiliates. This is a great option if you do not have the time to fully commit to an executive position or if you want to learn more about CUSPE.


Event volunteering is a great opportunity to learn more about CUSPE, get behind the scenes access to our events and to meet with our speakers.

Organising a Workshop

Workshops aim to provide participants with a further understanding of how the policy process works, how they fit into it, how to contribute and interact with both decision makers and the process itself on a subject specific and broader scale. The workshops will bring together multiple perspectives of science and policy facilitating both problem solving discussions and simulations which will benefit from the multi-disciplinary approach.

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