Become a part of CUSPE

The Cambridge University Science Policy Exchange (CUSPE) is the society dedicated to linking early career researchers and policy-makers, and our committee works to organise opportunities throughout the year to discuss current policy issues, provide skills development and career insights for researchers, and allow them develop networks with policy-makers.

  • Do you have an interest in evidence-based policy?
  • Do you want to help build links between academics and policy-makers?
  • Do you want to build your networks and support the development of your peers?

If your answer is “yes” to any of the above, CUSPE is the right place for you. Applications will open May 2020 for the following academic year.

How to apply

Please email with:

  • The title of the role you wish to apply for, and
  • A brief background of yourself and your motivation for applying.

Open core committee positions

All students, post-doctoral researchers, and alumni of the University of Cambridge are welcome to join our core committee in the following positions:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Finance and Fundraising lead
  • Marketing and Communications lead
  • Forum (conference) lead
  • Head of Lectures

Open team member positions

We are also looking for team members to support our activities by leading on events and streams within our core business activities:

  • Workshops officers
  • Publications officers
  • Finance and Fundraising officers
  • Marketing and Communication officers
  • Forum (conference) officers

More information about these roles below.

Open Roles information

Core Committee Roles


The Secretary of CUSPE manages the records of the society and organisation running smoothly. In addition to taking minutes at committee meetings, the Secretary tracks the activities of the society and makes sure actions are completed. This role is good for those seeking to demonstrate their ability to co-ordinate across teams. In keeping mailing lists and communication channels up to date, the secretary will also gain experience with complying with GDPR legislation that will be useful in any future communications activities.



The treasurer is a key position within the responsibility for managing the expenditure of the society including legacy funds. This role is ideal for someone looking to add financial experience to their list of skills. Responsibilities will include managing funds, transactions, leading on reimbursements, and liaising with the university to complete annual financial reports. They will also work closely with Finances and Fundraising team to enhance revenue streams for the society.


Forum (conference) lead

The Forum is CUSPE’s annual conference bringing together early career researchers and policy-makers. The role of Forum lead is varied and provides an opportunity to demonstrate a wide range of skills including project management. This role is ideal for someone looking to demonstrate leadership skills by heading a small team to deliver this event. With your team, you will develop the event program and determine the theme for the 2020 event. The forum lead also manages the budget, and liaises directly with high profile speakers within the policy community. You will work closely with the Marketing & Communications lead and Finance & Fundraising team to promote and build on the success of previous events.


Finance & Fundraising lead

The Finance & Fundraising lead makes the work that CUSPE does possible by bringing in sponsorship and developing the financial and fundraising strategy for the year. This year, we are looking to move to more sustainable business models and are looking for someone to lead this work alongside our existing fundraising approaches. This role is ideal for someone looking to demonstrate strategy development and communication skills, as key tasks involve identifying and liaising with sponsors. This role involves working closely with the Treasurer.


Lectures lead

The Lectures lead co-ordinates the team that put on CUSPE’s public lectures program. Covering a broad range of topics, these lectures are an opportunity to explore science policy themes from leaders in the field. The lectures lead that co-ordinates with these speakers, venues, ticketing, and marketing to ensure professional and successful events. This role is ideal for someone looking to develop or apply their event management skills, and to add value for your peers through creating these learning and development opportunities.


Marketing & Communications lead

The Marketing & Communications lead keeps CUSPE visible by promoting events and publications and ensuring a consistently professional message and look. This role is ideal for someone looking to demonstrate their co-ordination and communication skills, as this role liaises with the Workshops, Lectures, and Forum teams to promote events. You’ll also develop your technical comms skills working with MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, Twitter and Hubspot, and work with the Webmaster on managing website content. You will support your team by identifying their strengths, developing their skills, and delegating responsibilities.


Team Roles

Team members support the team leads by taking the lead delivering part of the objectives for that role. There are a limited number of these positions, at the discretion of the team lead. For the positions on offer, some examples of what this could be include:

Workshop officers

  • Leading on end-to-end organising of a workshop or panel discussion, including identifying speakers, deciding themes, ticketing and promotion.
  • Leading on co-ordinating an aspect of workshops, such as room bookings or promotion of events

Publications officers

  • Supporting the launch of a new CUSPE journal in 2020
  • Leading on co-ordination of a CUSPE publication
  • Supporting the peer review process
  • Acting as sub-editors and typesetters for publications

Finance and Fundraising officers

  • Taking the lead on a bid for grant funding
  • Assist the team lead in developing the 2019-2020 fundraising strategy including identification of new revenue streams
  • Leading on liaison with funding partners – internal (colleges, university) or external (charities, NGOs, etc)

Marketing and Communication officers

  • Lead on the CUSPE Twitter account co-ordination
  • Lead on the CUSPE Facebook co-ordination
  • Lead on CUSPE graphic design co-ordination

Forum (conference) officers

  • Work with the Forum lead to develop the programme for the 2020 event
  • Liaise with speakers and panel members
  • Lead on Forum budget management
  • Lead on organising a networking event
  • Lead on promotion of the Forum to audiences outside Cambridge by developing a communications strategy
  • Lead on Forum design for marketing material
  • Lead on Forum fundraising and sponsorship


Contact for more information about any of these roles.