CSaP Annual Conference, 10 April 2014 – Poster Competition

poster-sessionEvidence, networks and policy: translating new ideas into better outcomes


The Royal Society

CSaP’s 2014 annual conference will focus on the role of networks in innovative policy making, and on the use of evidence and expertise to improve policy outcomes. Invited speakers from government, academia, industry and civil society will debate some of the key policy challenges identified by our Policy Fellows, including open innovation; big data; behavioural insights into emergency planning and response; and ageing & public health.

As part of the conference, we are planning a poster session and competition to take place during the lunchtime and networking sessions, to which early career researchers are invited to present a poster of their work.  Poster presenters will have an opportunity to discuss their research with an audience of policy makers, industry leaders and academics, as well as attendees from research councils and learned societies.

We have a limited number of places on offer, and successful applicants will be chosen to ensure we cover a broad range of disciplines and research areas.  There will be a prize awarded for the best poster.

What audience should the posters be targeted at? Should the style of the poster be the same as conventionally used at scientific conferences?
You may already have a research poster you can use. However, you will need to think carefully about your target audience which will include many policy makers with non-technical backgrounds – while your poster conveys the science, you should be prepared to explain your research to non-experts, bearing in mind its potential policy implications and societal benefits. Those taking part in this session will be judged on:

  • Best poster summary: Clear and concise communication of your research using a poster (and demos where appropriate)
  • Verbal communication: How you explain your research to non-experts and its potential to impact on society, in particular with relevance to the conference theme of ‘translating new ideas into better outcomes’


How to take part
This session is being organised by Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange (CUSPE) – a society of early career researchers at Cambridge. To express your interest in participating, please click here.

Significant dates
The closing date for receiving expressions of interest is Monday 10 March. Successful applicants will be notified by 17 March.

*Please note that there is a £30 fee for early-career researchers to attend the conference.*

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