Poster Session at the CSaP Annual Conference 2013

poster-sessionOn April 18th 2013, CUSPE hosted a poster session as part of CSaP’s annual conference, with eleven very different posters presented. (Download the full list of poster presentations here.) The posters covered a huge breadth of subjects, from adolescent mental health policy to research on graphene and much else inbetween. During the conference the delegates were invited to attend the poster session and speak directly with the early-career researchers presenting the posters. For both the researchers and delegates this was a unique opportunity, resulting in some very challenging and unusual questions for the researchers to answer. To encourage the researchers to really engage with the audience, CSaP offered a prize for the best poster: a meal with a CSaP policy-fellow of the winner’s choosing.  To select the winner a voting system was devised whereby all delegates were handed stickers which they were instructed to stick on their favourite poster, this led to a very public competition! At the end of the conference, Dr Rob Doubleday, CSaP’s Executive Director, took to the stage to announce Nick Jones, a PhD student in the Centre for Diet and Activity Research at the University of Cambridge, as the winner for his poster titled ‘An analysis of the changing prices of less and more healthy foods: the first step towards tracking the affordability of a healthy diet’. The poster session was thought-provoking and educational for researchers and delegates alike, and absolutely contributed to CUSPE’s ambition of exchange between early career researchers and policy-makers.

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