Chris Green, SQW Group

CUSPE provides an excellent forum for students, industry and government representatives to engage in informed debate about topical policy issues. The events are well organised, and the organisers are enthusiastic, engaging and impressive.

Ajoeb Baridi, Innovation Forum, speaking about CUSPE’s “From Lab to Market” lecture

The meeting was highly insightful and well organised. As the co-founder of Innovation Forum (IF) (http://www.inno-forum.org), I am delighted that IF supported this excellent CUSPE event. We are very much looking forward to support CUSPE in additional future high calibre events.

Marek Tyl, Innovation Forum, speaking about CUSPE’s “From Lab to Market” lecture

The Innovation Forum was delighted to support this event. Excellent follow up on the discussions on university – industry partnerships and true open innovation we had at our recent conference in Cambridge.

Kelsey Lynn, Director of Tech Ventures, Imperial Innovations, speaking about CUSPE’s “From Lab to Market” lecture

Great event put on by Tim!! Very engaged community, excited about commercializing so many ideas. A pleasure to be a part of the event.”

Tim Guilliams was a founding member of CUSPE and has gone on to complete a secondment at  the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and now runs his own startup

I would say it is thanks to the CUSPE-CSaP interaction that I received the opportunity to perform a secondment placement at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). Before describing my secondment in more detail, I would like to stress that my experience at BIS has been extremely valuable for many reasons. It gave me a general flavour of how a government department works, it provided me with the opportunity to have an internal view on the process of policy making and gain insights into the dynamics and time-frames in which civil servants operate.

Cosima Cassel; Assistant Economist, Defra

I found the workshop very useful in understanding Defra policy areas from a different perspective and to learn about the cutting edge research in these areas. It was also useful to become more conscious of how researchers work in general, and to think about how our work can align in future.

Amy McQueen; Assistant Economist, Defra

I found the workshop a valuable and eye-opening experience. Even as an economist using evidence every day, it’s easy to view the academic world as a completely separate area, from which evidence is used when it is published and available. This perception creates a barrier to the potential synergies policy and academia could create. Building these relationships in the early stages of my career I’m sure will be very valuable.

Kit Pyman; Policy Advisor, Defra

Considering engagement with others is a key role of government, it is valuable to establish this link between policy advisers and another “interest group” (for want of a better term) of academics – we already engage industry, NGOs, other Member States etc but not directly academics.

Really appreciated the opportunity to sit down with people involved in research directly relevant to my policy area, but also more holistically those who approach issues relating to the natural environment, resource management etc from a different perspective – crucial part of good policymaking.

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