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‘Processing’ nutrition advice: how to inform guidelines on ultra-processed food
– Jennie Leggat  [pg.73; Article PDF]
Human germline gene editing needs global regulation
– Ryan Prestil  [pg. 79;  Article PDF]
Competition policy in the age of ‘Big Tech’: Assessing the EU’s approach
– Pranjali Gupta [pg. 87; Article PDF]


International perspectives on mining rare earths: a case study in the Southern Jiangxi Province, China
– Colin Barnes [pg. 97; Article PDF]
Fracking in Colorado: Evidence, politics and policy change
– Zira Quaghe John [pg. 109; Article PDF]
Implementing the Mutualism Theory of Intelligence in the Classroom
– Ivan L. Simpson-Kent [pg. 119; Article PDF]


Quantum Key Distribution: Advantages, Challenges and Policy
– Victor Lovic  [pg. 123; Article PDF]

Focus on: Science, Policy and the Public in Italy 2019

Science, Policy and the Public in Italy: A full day conference for UK-based researchers to meet with
Italian policymakers – Iacopo M. Russo [pg. 133; Article PDF]
Science, Policy and the Public in Italy 2019: Poster Abstracts – [pg. 137; Article PDF]
Social Media: A New Tool for Peacebuilding in Italy – Jasmine Anouna [pg. 143; Article PDF]



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