CJSP logoFrom 2012 to 2019, CUSPE collected policy papers under the name of CUSPE Communications. These 1000-2000 words pieces featured editorial pieces, policy briefs, research reviews, and other types of short communications on various topics where science interacts with policy and viceversa.

Starting from October 2019, the Publications team at CUSPE is accepting submissions for a new student-run peer-reviewed journal: the Cambridge Journal of Science & Policy (CJSP).

CJSP is accepting three types of contributions:

  • communications (1000-2000 words), short pieces on science policy (i.e. policy briefs) or on scientific issues with policy relevance;
  • reviews (4000+ words) share a similar aim of communications, while allowing more in-depth analysis of the science and/or policy issues;
  • perspectives (less than 2000 words) would include short opinions on policy issues, interviews, policy debates, book reviews, and so on.

CJSP will be published each spring as a single annual issue; single contributions will be deposited on Apollo, the Cambridge University research output repository, upon acceptance.

If you wish to submit your contribution to be published in the first issue of the Cambridge Journal of Science and Policy (Spring 2020) please read the Authors guidelines and contact the editorial team at publications @ cuspe . org before 28th February 2020.

Call for peer-reviewers

The CJSP editorial team is looking for peer-reviewers from academia, think-tanks, and civil service with expertise in any STEMM, social science or policy subject. If you are interested in peer-reviewing for CJSP please read the Peer-review guidelines and fill out the following Peer-reviewer recruitment form.