The CUSPE alumni network is formed with an intention to develop a community of individuals interested in the interaction between science and policy. The group is primarily composed of all interested individuals who have been part of CUSPE as a member, participant or in a committee role during their time at the University of Cambridge. However, the main purpose is to develop connections, foster a community of mentors, supporters and individuals affiliated with science and policy at some level in their current or previous roles. As such, the membership is not restricted to the aforementioned groups alone, but will be curated to ensure focus on science and policy themes. In addition, CUSPE alumni network is committed to developing a community which is representative and inclusive of individuals from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented communities regardless of colour, nationality, ethnicity, gender and sexual preference and religion. It is thus imperative that the conduct and conversations within the group reflect this ethos. It is especially important that individuals recognise both conscious and unconscious biases, and the effect of their actions on others, especially unintended ones. Conversations and work in science and policy cannot happen in isolation, and it is our duty to make a sincere effort towards enabling a diverse and inclusive outlook at all levels.