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Emma Brown (Univ. of Cambridge)

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Michele Sanguanini
Paolo Andrich (HAL24K), Zak Lakota-Baldwin (Univ. of Cambridge), Thomas Freitag (Harvard Medical School), Kate Howlett (Univ. of Cambridge), Dillon Rinauro (Univ. of Cambridge), Carolyn Rogers (Reddie & Grose LLP), Darius Sultani (PIK),
Communications Officer
James Dickinson (Univ. of Cambridge)
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Anne Machel @typosanddoodles (Univ. of Cambridge)

Table of Contents


Can we ‘close the gap’ in a ‘post-COVID’ world? – Emma Brown [pg 6]


Tackling Obesity—For the Few – Jennie Leggat  [pg.10]
Reimagining rare disease policies through a global lens – Austin Lai [pg. 14]


Dementia Implementation Plan Review: its role in dementia policy and future perspectives – Bogdan Kobierskij [pg. 19]

Socioeconomic impact of youth mental health disorders and abuse of substances in West
and Central Africa – Rodrigo Cataldi [pg. 25]

Horizon Scan Communication

The Future of Miniaturised Organs in Drug Development and Testing – Timothy S. Chisholm [pg. 33]


Science, Policy and the Public in Italy: A full day conference for UK-based researchers to meet The Role of Patients and Patient Activism in the Development of Long COVID Policy – Gabrielle McClymont [pg. 44]

CUSPE Reports

Power and Responsibility: The Role of the Sciences in Reducing Social Inequality – Sarah Nelson and Argyris Zardilis [pg. 56]

Invited contribution

So You Want to Start a Patient ‘Policy Panel’ – Dr. Ross P. Coron [pg. 61]

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