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Michele Sanguanini (Univ. of Cambridge)


Timothy D. Arvan (Univ. of Cambridge), Rosie Bell (Univ. of Cambridge)
Emma Brown (Univ. of Cambridge), Prashanth S. Ciryam (Univ. of Cambridge)
Katie Cohen (Univ. of Cambridge), Simone Eizagirre Barker (Univ. of Cambridge)
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Daniella Wenger (Univ. of Cambridge)

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James Dickinson (Univ. of Cambridge)

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Table of Contents


Prof Dame Athene Donald  [pg. 1; Article PDF]


Evidence on the cusp between science, policy, and law – Michele Sanguanini [pg.3; Article PDF]


Expanding the policy menu: how demand-side interventions can help the UK reach
net zero – Sarah Nelson  [pg.7; Article PDF]
Towards a shareholder-driven transition to a green economy                                                                                                                                  – Darius Sultani  [pg. 15;  Article PDF]
A capital theory approach should guide national sustainability policies
– Asaf Tzachor [pg. 21; Article PDF]


On the Politics of a U.S. Federal Carbon Price: Evidence from Three North American
Case Studies – Timothy D. Arvan [pg. 33; Article PDF]
A Proposal for a Mile-tax on Commercial Aviation in Spain
– Diego Rodriguez Mejias [pg. 39; Article PDF]
A Long Overdue End to Flicker: The 2020 EU Lighting Efficiency Regulations
– Michael Weinold [pg. 47; Article PDF]
Afforestation’s Potential to Help Cambridgeshire Reach Net-zero by 2050
– James Weber [pg. 55; Article PDF]

CUSPE Reports

Leadership at the science policy interface: A case study of the Policy Challenges
collaboration between Cambridgeshire County Council and
Cambridge University Science & Policy Exchange
– Liz Killen, Orla Woodward, Cecilia Castro, and Ian Manning  [pg. 63; Article PDF]



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