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From 2012 to 2019, CUSPE collected policy papers under the name of CUSPE Communications. These 1000-2000 words pieces featured editorial pieces, policy briefs, research reviews and other types of short communications on various topics where science interacts with policy and vice versa. 

In October 2019, the Publications team at CUSPE formalised CUSPE Communications and began accepting submissions for a new student-run peer-reviewed journal, the Cambridge Journal of Science & Policy (CJSP). You can find our current and previous issues here 


Issue 1 of Volume 3 is open for submissions from Tuesday 26th October 2021. The theme is ‘COP26: Where do we go from here?’ As well as articles on the topic of energy and climate policy, we would like to encourage articles that explore the broad ramifications of this across all aspects of science policy. Submissions for Issue 2 of Volume 3, which will be a general issue, will open in late November. If you wish to submit an article, please read the Author Guidelines and submit your article via email to publications@cuspe.org.

We accept articles that promote the science-policy interface. We are an open-access, triple-blind, peer-reviewed journal. 

We actively encourage submissions from early and late-career researchers across institutions and industries. We pride ourselves in working closely with authors to maximise the potential of their article.  

 CJSP mainly publishes two article types: 

  • Communications (short, 1000-2000 words): These can be about science policy or science for policy, and other relevant topics. They should be similar in style to a policy brief or POSTnote. 
  • Perspectives (short, maximum 1000 words): These include opinions on policy issues, interviews, policy debates, book reviews etc. While still being evidence-based, perspectives are less data-driven than communications. 


CJSP occasionally publishes: 

  • Reviews (essay length, at least 4000 words): These discuss new developments in a scientific field and their potential impacts on policy, policy proposals regarding current science and technology issues, or similar.
  • Reports (short, 1000-2000 words): These can be write-ups of science policy conferences, lectures, workshops or activities. These focus mainly on those organised by CUSPE.  
  • Invited Contributions: Any of the above article types may be invited by the Editorial Board and are subject to peer-review.  


All contributions are deposited on Apollo, the Cambridge University research output repository, upon acceptance. 

Do you want to be a CJSP peer-reviewer?

We have currently filled all vacancies for peer-reviewers. Please look out for further opportunities, which will be announced in due course. If you are an existing peer-reviewer, please ensure you follow our Peer-Review Guidelines.