CUSPE is an organisation run by and for early career researchers that aims to build stronger links between its members and government policy-makers. Founded in 2012, the society strives to support young researchers who wish either to influence policy from within the research environment of the University or to pursue directly a career with the governments of the UK or European Union. CUSPE attracts researchers from across the academic disciplines (scientists, engineers and social scientists), all of whom have a desire to understand how their own research, or science more generally, fits within a broader policy context.




 Has the UK had enough of experts? 

In most Western societies, expertise has become of the essence. It has permeated the realms of both private and public decision-making, making its owners, the experts, recipients of substantial power. Yet, in spite of – or perhaps due to – their prominent role, experts are often regarded with suspicion: while expertise is generally considered important for decision-making, the wider polity does not necessarily trust the experts to put their expertise to good use, i.e. to the pursuance of the Greater Good. This lack of trust undermines the relevance of expert knowledge and, in the more extreme cases, leads to its outright rejection. Hence the question: have people had enough of experts?
We shall raise this question in the context of the U.K. The discussion will focus on role of experts in modern societies and ways to improve their perception by the general public.

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